Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow and Basketball

That's what we have been doing lately! Playing in our first Kansas snow and starting basketball practice. This picture below is Isaac trying to ride his bike in the snow. Aaron and I told him it probably wasn't the best idea but he wanted to try it anyway. He did good as long as he didn't turn. Needless to say, it didn't last very long.

The boys had one day off of school because of the snow. They literally spent all day long out playing in it. They built this cute little snowman and we went sledding. I love the snow but I'm not enjoying it too much in these temperatures and winds. This moring it was -3 with a windchill of -18. I don't mind walking to the car in it, but have no desire to be outside for any length of time.

Isaac got a basketball goal for Christmas this year and both boys are playing on a Y team. This is a big basketball town. Our High School team in town hasn't lost a game and most games are blowouts! So both boys have jumped on the basketball train. We got new shoes, because you know you can't wear just any tennis shoes to play basketball in even at age 6. They also got jerseys. Cade got a Lebron James and Isaac a Kobe Bryant. That is from their friends influences! So for now, we are loving some basketball.

Aaron is having some stomach issues and has lost some weight so he is seeing a gastro doc to make sure everything is ok. His dad died of cancer and it started in his colon so we are little nervous. Please pray that we find answers and that it isn't anything serious. He is taking a group of middle schoolers skiing this weekend so you might want to add that in your prayers too. Isaac is only 3 years away from middle school and being around middle schoolers these days is making me a little nervous. You have never seen so much loud energy in your life than you have with 60 middle schoolers in one room!
I started a new bible study this week and have seen just the first video and I am already loving it. I am also going to have one at my house at night during the week for some single working girls. So excited to have young women who are asking for bible study!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Programs and Cookie Exchanges

My sweet boys after their Christmas Program at church.

Cade was a cutie! He was a donkey and super proud he got to be in the program. He told me several times how excited he was and that this was his first Christmas program or any program to ever be in.

THis is my little Shepherd. He had lines to say and everything. He told me before the first practice that he didn't want to be in the program and he especially didn't want a speaking part. He said it makes him too nervous. He comes home that day excited he's a Shepherd and loving the fact he has a speaking part. He is getting to be so big and did so good!

I had a cookie exchange at my house. It was so much fun! I got the idea from my friend, Christina. Lots of good cookies and wassail. Lela the recipe was a big hit!

We are heading out a week from tomorrow for Louisville. We are all so excited to see all our friends and family. Pray for us as we travel, that the roads will stay clear!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Pictures

We spent Thanksgiving with some friends this year. It was different than being with family but we really did have a great time and of course great food!

Cade is really into dressing as close as he can to Aaron. On Sunday mornings he has to wear button up shirts just like his daddy!

Yes that's Cade with all the girls. He was given the option of what table to sit at and this is what he chose.

All the boys. Isaac trying to see how silly of a face he can make!

Curt and Sarah

John and Teffany

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving but ready for Christmas!

I am having a hard time with being away from all my family this year for Thanksgiving. I enjoy Thanksgiving and have a lot to be thankful for but I am especially looking forward to Christmas.

I don't normally decorate early for Christmas but being extra excited for it to get here and having a Cookie Exchange and Youth Leaders party at my house has got me decorating early.
This is in over my table. I don't have a typical light fixture in there so I was trying to be creative about how to decorate it. It's not exactly what I was going for but I had fun searching for the ribbon and hanging the ornaments.

We also have lights up on the outside of the house. Color lights at that. That isn't something we do but this year our neighbors gave us the lights and the boys were so excited. I will have to take another picture of the outside of the house when they are all turned on. It has been fun decorating in our new house. It's kinda like have new decorations since I get to figure out all over again where everything is going to go.

Next on my list is to work on getting a good picture of the boys for our Christmas card.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I've been slacking!

So I haven't blogged since February! Wow! I have been slacking latetly! We got busy with Aaron finishing up his last semester and graduating and looking for a job. We are now living in McPherson, Kansas and Aaron is the Student Pastor at New Hope Evangelical Church. We are loving the town here and all the sweet people! The boys have adjusted well and made lots of friends. Aaron loves his job and the students he gets to work with. We are very blessed and see God's hand in the journey we have been on since Aaron started school in August of 2007.

These are a few pics of the boys and our house!

This is my little football player. Isaac played his first year of football this Fall and it was tackle with full pads. I know! What was I thinking letting my baby play tackle football? I thought that often through the season but Isaac had a great time and loved being out there playing. He never did enjoy being tackled though!

My little Kindergardener! He absolutely loves school! This is his first school picture. He has the best teacher and has made some great friends. He is doing very well in school and loves to learn. I hope and pray he keeps that desire to learn all through school!

Isaac got baptized on his 9th birthday this year! We are so proud of him! It was so neat to have his daddy be apart of this! My parents were in town for the boys birthdays and got to be there to see this. What a great way to celebrate his birthday!

We bought our first house in almost 9 years. We had our own home after we had been married a year but sold it to move into a parsonage. Since then we have lived in an apartment or parsonage while Aaron finished up school. We are so excited to own our own home again. We love our little house and the neighborhood we live in. OH and yes those are Christmas lights on the house with the Thanksgiving decor still out. We were told to hang our Christmas lights while we could. It gets cold here and is always windy which makes it hard to hang lights. We listened to their advice since it's only November and it feels like the middle of winter in Mississippi.
One of my favorite things about being in Kansas is the sunrise and sunsets we get to see. We have lived here 5 months and I still stand in awe of the awesome colors we get to see.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catching Up!

This is what we have been doing a lot of lately! With Aaron and Isaac both getting out of school for all this snow, we have been playing a lot. It has been fun but know I am kinda ready to see some Spring!

This is the snowman that Aaron and the boys made. Cade named him Frosty. I thought it was really an original name!

Other than snow we have been sick. How backwards is it that Aaron and I get the stomach bug and my boys don't. I got it last week and Aaron had it Monday of this week. We are praying the boys stay well!

My mom is coming in town today to watch the boys this weekend. Aaron and I are going to Indianapolis for the weekend. We are taking this as our anniversary and Valentines Day gifts to each other. I am so looking forward to getting away!

Other exciting news is......We finally got a new mattress! We have been married 9 years and have had hand me down mattresses. I am very thankful for what we have had but it sure is nice to be able to go pick out the one you want. We were in desperate need of a new one. So far it has been some good sleeping!

Also, Aaron has been talking to a church here in Louisville about a youth ministry position. It is down to him and one other guy. We are just praying for God's clear direction is this. It is a part time position and Aaron really would love to be full time in the ministry and just have one job. He also has a church in Danville, KY that is going to interview him. It is a full time position but we aren't real sure when they will start interviewing. More than anything we just are doing our best to seek God's direction and stay in His will for this next step in our lives.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slumber Parties and Sledding!

That is what we have been up to these days. First my bible study girls decided to have a slumber party. Actually one of my friends, Christina really planned it all. We are coming to the end of our second bible study and wanted to have a girls night. Christina's husband travels with his job and her and her kids get to go with him. So we had a slumber party before she left town at a Bed and Breakfast. It was so much fun!!! If I knew how to upload videos from my phone, I would show the kind of things that went on. Instead you will just have to check out the pj's we were in for the night.

We haven't gotten much snow this year but there has been enough for the boys to have some snowball fights and go sledding!

This is them checking out the snow first thing this morning. Isaac thought about throwing a snowball at his daddy.

This is all three boys resting after a couple hours of sledding. I didn't go but I had hot chocolate waiting on them when they got home. (Notice Cade's mouth)

This is Cade with his friend Zach. He kinda looks scared but he is really not scared of anything. He came home telling me about how they slid all the way to the woods. I am glad I didn't go to see that.